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Domain Names Defined

The Domain Name System, or DNS, maps human-identifiable domain names to computer-readable IPs. In this way, users can use your easy-to-memorize and easy-to-pronounce domain to visit your site. In a way, the Domain Name System is like an "Internet phone directory". Some hosting firms, though, permit you to host only one single domain name per account, but for a few extra dollars, you can purchase a hosting package that permits you to host numerous domain names.

Multiple Domain Name Hosting Services Offered by EUROLATINAMERICAhost

At EUROLATINAMERICAhost, we offer domain registration and hosting services and allows you to register and host an unlimited number of domain names. The domain registration procedure, however, is a time-requiring procedure – depending on the TLD extension, you may need to submit many different forms. For this reason EUROLATINAMERICAhost offers you multi-year multi-domain registration options.

All hosting plans we provided include our advanced proprietary Domain Manager, which addresses all domain name administration aspects. This easy-to-use user interface offers domain name parking and redirection options and allows you to alter your WHOIS info and DNS records, to renew multiple domains and more.